23 Avr 19
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Piles à combustibles / hydrogène

Date limite de réception du dossier : 23/04/2019

Public ciblé : PME, grandes entreprises, centres de recherche…

L’entreprise commune Piles à combustible et Hydrogène (JU FCH2) a ouvert un appel à propositions. 17 sujets sont ouverts dans les 4 domaines suivants :

  • transport (5 sujets)
  • FCH-01-1-2019 : Demonstrating the blueprint for a zero-emission logistics ecosystem )
  • FCH-01-2-2019 : Scaling up and demonstration of a multi-MW DFuell Cell system for shipping
  • FCH-01-3-2019 : Cyber-physical platform for hybrid Fuell Cell systems
  • FCH-01-4-2019 : Towards a better understanding of charge, mass and heat transports nin new generation PEMFC MEA for automotive applications 
  • FCH-01-5-2019 : Underground storage HRS
  • énergie(8 sujets)
  • FCH-02-1-2019 : Combined electyrolyser-HRS and Power-to-Gas system 
  • FCH-02-2-2019 : Multi megawatt high-temperature electrolyser for valorisation as energy vector in energy intensive industry 
  • FCH-02-3-2019 : Continuous supply of green or low carbon H2 and CHP via Solid Oxide Cell based Polygeneration 
  • FCH-02-4-2019 : New Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysers 
  • FCH-02-5-2019 : Systematic validation of the ability to inject hydrogen at various admixture level into high-pressure gas networks in operational conditions 
  • FCH-02-6-2019 : New materials, architectures and manufacturing processes for Solid Oxide Cells 
  • FCH-02-7-2019 : Development of highly efficient and flexible mini CHP fuell cell system based on HTPEMFCs 
  • FCH-02-8-2018 : Enhancement of durability and reliability of stationary PEM and SOFC systems by implementation and integration of advanced diagnostic and control tools 
  • activités globales (1 sujet)
  • FCH-03-1-2019 : H2 Valley
  • pilier transversal (3 sujets)
  • FCH-04-1-2019 : Training of Responders
  • FCH-04-2-2019 : Refueling Protocols for Medium and Heavy-Duty
  • FCH-04-3-2019 : Hydrogen admixtures in natural gas domestic and commercial end uses