24 Oct 18
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Médicaments innovants – 15e appel à propositions

Étape 1

Public ciblé : PME, grandes entreprises, centres de recherche…

L’Initiative Technologique Conjointe IMI2 a publié son 15e appel à propositions.

8 sujets sont ouverts (soumission en 2 étapes) :

  • Integrated research platforms enabling patient-centric drug development
  • Blockchain Enabled Healthcare
  • Microenvironment imposed signatures in tissue and liquid biopsies in immune-mediated diseases
  • Emerging translational safety technologies and tools for interrogating human immuno-biology
  • Development and validation of translational platforms in support of synaptopathy drug discovery
  • Digital endpoints in neurodegenerative and immune-mediated diseases
  • AMR Accelerator programme Pillar A: Capability Building Network to accelerate and validate scientific discoveries
  • AMR Accelerator programme Pillar B: Tuberculosis drug development network to accelerate and validate scientific discoveries and advance the R&D pipeline of new and innovative agents to address the global tuberculosis epidemic.

Informations : https://www.imi.europa.eu/apply-funding/open-calls/imi2-call-15