14 Fév 17
Toute la journée
Croissance bleue

Un appel à projets est ouvert sur le thème de la croissance bleue dans le programme Horizon 2020. 7 sujets sont éligibles :

  • High value-added specialised vessel concepts enabling more efficient servicing of emerging coastal and offshore activities
  • Multi-use of the oceans marine space, offshore and near-shore: Enabling technologies
  • Interaction between people, oceans and seas: a strategic approach towards healthcare and well-being
  • Blue green innovation for clean coasts and seas
  • Innovative sustainable solutions for improving the safety and dietary properties of seafood
  • The effect of climate change on Arctic permafrost and its socio-economic impact, with a focus on coastal areas
  • Monitoring and assessing fish stocks, other pelagic species and habitats with an automated, non-invasive, opto-acoustic system.

Cet appel est ouvert aux PME, grandes entreprises, organismes publics et privés de recherche.


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